" ********* Kακοκαιρία αναμένουμε το τριήμερο της Καθαράς Δευτέρας στις περισσσότερες περιοχές τις χώρας. Θα θυμίζει περισσότερο Νοέμβριο μήνα με χειμωνιάτικο σκηνικό.****Δύο νέοι σταθμοί του προαστιακού σιδηρόδρομου, στις περιοχές Λυκότρυπα (Κάτω Αχαρνές) και Πύργος Βασιλίσσης, τέθηκαν από σήμερα, Πέμπτη, σε λειτουργία.****Iσορροπία τρόμου στην Ουκρανία, αναπτύσουν στρατιωτικές δυνάμεις οι Ρώσσοι στα πρότυπα δράσης ανάλογα με αυτά στην Γεωργία**** Σέντρα στα γήπεδα της Super League με φόντο το ντέρμπυ των αιωνίων.

Παρασκευή, 12 Ιουνίου 2009

Kithera island - Greece

The Kithira island is a small, 284 square kilometers island, located on the south part of the Ionian Sea, with many beautiful beaches, ancient castles and churches. In contrast to the majority of Greek islands, Kithira is a 'green' island. Trees, like pine trees and eucalyptus, flowers, small rivers and small water sources are found on the island. Especially during the Spring the island is like a heaven on earth.

By Boat
From PiraeusPhone port authorities: 0030-210-4511311-19
From NeapoliPhone port authorities: 0030-27340-22228
From GithioPhone port authorities: 0030-27330-22262
From Crete
Port authorities at Agia Pelagia, KithiraPhone: 0030-27360-33280

By Airplane
From AthensFor more information click or:Phone Olympic Airways: 0030-210-9666666

Kithira island is located on the south part of Ionian Sea; with many beautiful beaches, ancient castles and churches. In contrast to the majority of Greek islands, Kithira is a 'green' island. Trees, like pine trees and eucalyptus, flowers, small rivers and small water sources are found on the island. Especially during spring the island is like a heaven on earth.
Starting our trip from Agia Pelagia, one of the ports of the island, you can visit Lagada beach where is found a canyon of outstanding beauty.
On your way to Potamos you will meet a forest of pine trees. If you walk through the forest you will come across the small church of Saint John, and a small open theatre, where many cultural events take place during the summer.
Potamos is the commercial centre of the island. Every Sunday morning at the square of the village there is an open market (Pazari). There, you can find local products like the famous Kithirian honey, Kithirian biscuits (Paximadia), and seasonal vegetables. There you can also buy one rare kind of water-dry flower that is found only on Kithira, the so-called Semperviva (lives for ever).
From Agia Pelagia you can go to Karavas, and Platia Ammos. Karavas has many natural water sources and rich plantation. Platia Ammos has a very nice beach and if you walk for few kilometres you reach a gorgeous lighthouse. In this way you have reached the northest part of the island and you have a very nice view of Peloponnese, which is placed just opposite to you.
On your way from Agia Pelagia to Karavas, on your right you can visit the small church or Saint George, which is placed on the top of a small hill. From there the view is fantastic.
Leaving Potamos, on your left there is Palaioxora, which was the medieval capital of the island, built in 12th century and destroyed 1537 from the pirate Barbarosa.
Then you can continue your trip to Aulemona with the marvelous beaches (Palaiopoli and Kaladi), the Italian Castle, and historical monuments like ancient Scandia. At Aulemonas you can stay in a camping located next to Palaiopoli beach.
Near to Aulaimona there is the Church of Saint George, built on the top of the mountain. A church of great historical importance and a place where you can enjoy a unique sea view.
Diakofti is the modern harbour of the island where you can eat fresh fish and enjoy your swim. The water is swallow and looks yellow-green. The sand is gold and reminds you something exotic.
Another village you can visit is Milopotamos, where you find a medieval castle, well preserved, the cave of Agia Sofia and the waterfall of Fonisa. You can stop for a coffee with caridopita (hazelnut pie) under the shadow of a great platani tree at the square of the village.
Continuing your trip to the south you meet Livadi where you find many constructions, which were made when the island was under English-possession, like the stone bridge of Katouni. This is the biggest stone-bridge of Balkans.
If you are in love and want to share with your beloved a unique sunset you have to go to the Church of Agia Ellesa, which is located on the mountain near Livadi.
Kithira is the capital for the island and is called Chora from the locals. It is a traditional village with narrow streets and white houses. Here you must visit the medieval castle, the churches of Mesa Bourgou and the archaeological museum. From the castle you have a view of the Ionian Sea, and the natural port of Kapsali.
Kapsali is of unique beauty and it is the most famous place of the island. If you are a lover of natural life you can stay at the camping which is located in a small forest, and you can walk to the Church of Saint John, which is located in a cave above this camping.
At the island you will find many hotels, the majority of them is state of the art, studios and rooms for rend. There are many supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias and sweet shops.
Don’t forget trying Kithirian paximadia, diples and amigdalota (sweets made of almond) as well as kihtirian honey.

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